3 January 2011

Reply in 3 Sentences and Other Communication Resolutions for 2011

Here are 5 simple ways to communicate better in 2011.

Slap them on your new year’s resolutions list and make them part of your communication habits.


1. Reply in 3 sentences

Email is a time-consumer. Reply in 3 sentences or less. It’s faster for you and the person you’re corresponding with.

2. Use helpful subject lines

Let people know what your message is about before they open it. ‘Office on Holiday – 24 Dec-7 Jan’ is better than ‘Office Hours’ or – worse – a blank subject line.

3. Write short

It’s faster, clearer and it’ll help you get things done. It’s certainly easier to write a 300 word blog post, than a 1000 word monster. Join Twitter for some practice.

4. Be part of the conversation

Get on Twitter, use Facebook, blog regularly. Connect with your friends. Get involved with your professional community. Use social media to understand it.

5. Write to be read… on the internet

The oldest rule of ‘good communication’? – write to be read. But people don’t read on the internet, they skim. Help your readers with headings and short paragraphs.

So there ya go – five pieces of advice to make communication in 2011 faster, clearer and easier to understand.

Happy New Year, everyone!